"Guilty Pleasures" Pastry by Aldo's

Chef Biagio with Aldo's Pastry Team
Paula Grant
Biagio Settepani
Pasticceria Bruno
Kim Hagenbuch

Guilty Pleasures" Pastry by Aldo's

_Tiramisu Pastry $25.00
_Tiramisu Cup $5.00
_Bascio Tiramisu $3.00
_Tiramisu Nutella Cake $14.50
_Happy Rum Cake (with walnuts) $14.50
_Chocolate Mousse Cup $5.00
_Cannoli - Ricotta Filled $2.75
_Cannoli - Tray $75.00
_Cream Puffs $.80 each
_Cream Puffs (app.24) $12.50/lb
_Verrines $2.50
_Cream Horns $1.00
_Eclaire $.50 each
_Fresh Fruit Tart Shells $4.25
_Creme Brulee $6.50
_Mini Cheese Cake - Plain $3.50
_Bag of Pizzelles $7.00
_Brownies (3x5) $2.75
_Carrot Cake Domes $2.75
_Death by Chocolate Cupcake $2.75
Prices subject to change without notice.
Available through special order:
_Carrot Cake $35.00
_Decadent Chocolate Ganache Cake $35.00
_Jack Daniels Whiskey Cake $30.00
_Chocolate Covered Strawberries $1.00

...many of our customers have said we have "...the best tasting pastry in Philly!"

Gelato Cake by Aldo's

Tiramisu Pastry by Aldo's

Our Tiramisu is an Italian specialty made with sponge cake, soaked in cappuccino
and married to the best zabajone cream. This specialty can be stored frozen.

A visit to Pasticceria Bruno
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Biagio Settepani of PASTICCERIA BRUNO

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