Super Premium Ice Cream by Aldo's

Aldo's uses the best ingredients in the ice cream industry to make our Super Premium Ice Cream so very flavorful and creamy.

Aldo's Super Premium Ice Cream is 16% butterfat manufactured with a top quality base. Then it is quickly frozen to seal in all flavor and preserve freshness.

Aldo's Super Premium Ice Cream is conveniently packaged in 2½ gallon cardboard containers for easy distribution of individual servings.

Aldo's Premium Chocolate Ice Cream

Aldo's Premium Ice Cream Flavors:

Orange Pineapple
(this is an OMG!)
Sugar Free Strawberry
Butter Pecan
Black Rasberry
Mocha Chocolate Chip
Vanilla Fudge
Cherry Vanilla
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mississippi Mud Pie
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cookies N Cream
Rum Raisin
Heavenly Hash
Aldo's Yuck
Egg Nogg:
(in season only)

Dennis shares his tasteful knowledge at Creamarie in West Deptford,NJ

Premium Ice Cream Container :
2½ gallon rectangular cardboard disposable containers.

These containers allow you to fit more tubs in your dipping
cabinet and allows more flavors available to your customers.

No can holders or can skirts needed.

2½ gallon price : please call for pricing

*Price subject to change___**Volume Discounts available

Limpert Brothers, Inc.

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