Gelato by Aldo's

Aldo's Gelato is gourmet Italian ice cream with 5% butterfat.

It has less air, less calories and less than half the fat of traditional ice cream.

Aldo's Gelato is also a complete food with high nutritional value.

All of our high quality, all natural flavoring as well as our packaging are imported from Italy.

Aldo's Gelato is a super premium product designed for the entrepreneur.

To achieve the best flavor, Aldo's Gelato should be served at approximately +15° F.

Aldo's Gelato Flavors:
offered for wholesale

Forest Berries
Crema Pistachio
Hazelnut (Smooth)
Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut)
Mango Alfonso
Lemon Sorbetto

Cooking White Gelato Base

Frank  /  Dennis /  Biagio

Aldo's Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut)

Aldo's Forest Berries

Aldo's Hazelnut (Smooth)

Aldo's Lemon Sorbetto

Aldo's Crema Pistachio

Aldo's Gianduia in gelato container

Aldo's gelato serving cups

Ice Cream Equipment, Machines and Accessories

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